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“ 보드카추출 건조잎 엑기스 판매(식용)(품절) ”
*50ml /5,000원
스테비아 건조잎  추출한 엑기스 입니다.
설탕대용으로 사용 하시면 됩니다.
*생수추출: 50ml/4000원,   100ml/8000원
**연락처: 010-9838-5536
Have you ever wondered if it was possible to learn how to grow stevia and make homemade stevia extract – that “miracle” plant that is sweeter than sugar – for sweetener instead of paying through the nose for those little packets in the store? You can grow stevia at home, in pots or in your garden, and harvest it for dried leaves or extract.
스테비아를 길러 직접 스테비아 추출물 을 만드는 방법을 배울 수 있다면 좋겟다는 생각을 해보셨어요? - 그 설탕 보다 단맛 " 기적적인 식물 -  가게에서 그 작은 패킷의 코를 통해 느끼는  감미,  당신은 화분 이나 정원 에 집에서 스테비아 를 길러,수확하고 건조잎을 만들고  또는 추출 할 수 있습니다.

Starting Stevia Plants from Seed

I purchased my stevia seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds (currently priced at $2.50 for 15 seeds).  Seeds are started much the same as any other garden seeds.  Visit my post on seed starting for more details.  The book “Growing and Using Stevia” states that darker seeds tend to have higher germination rates.  The instructions given below are based on those detailed in the book.  Seeds should be started inside 8-10 weeks before transplanting outside.
Place 1-3 seeds in each cell and lightly cover with fine potting soil or vermiculite 1/8 inch thick.  Spritz or mist with water to settle the soil.  Place seeds under a clear plastic cover (you can recycle plastic produce containers or use products specifically for seed starting).  Use fluorescent lighting to supply light and keep the temperature between 75-80 degrees F.  The book “Growing and Using Stevia” suggests keeping the lights on for 24 hours per day at first, then maintaining at least 15 hours of light about three weeks after sowing.
Seedlings should emerge in 7-14 days.  Remove cover after seedlings emerge to help prevent damping off.  When seedlings are growing strongly (have distinct leaves), thin them to one per cell by cutting off weaker plants at soil level.
The book suggests only watering from below every 3-5 days so the soil stays moist but not soggy.  I watered mine the same as I water everything else – gently from above.  A small amount of fish emulsion or other natural fertilizer may be added to the water as the plants grow.

How to Transplant Stevia Seedlings

When seedlings reach around 5 inches tall, trim 1-2 inches off the man shoot to promote branching.  (You may use these leaves for sweetening.)
When you are ready to move your plants into a larger pot or the garden (at about 8-10 weeks after planting), they must be hardened off before moving outside.  For pot plantings, move the seedlings to 4-5 inch pots.  (They may be moved into larger post as they grow.)
Harden off by moving pots/seedlings outside in a protected area out of direct wind and sun for a few hours each day, gradually increasing their time outside.  When plants have had a chance to acclimate to outside conditions, pots may be moved into full sunlight and plants may be planted into the garden.  The plants are tended and do not tolerate frost, so protect or move inside if temperatures are expected to drop below 40F.  Stevia plants prefer not too heavy soil and neutral pH.  (You may need to plant in raised beds or pots if you have heavy clay soil.)
In fall, bring the plant inside if desired.  I dug up two of mine from the garden and they have now survived two winters.  Here they are this spring before I cut them back.  You can see they are reaching for the sun and getting a bit leggy.

Harvesting and Drying Stevia

Leaves may be harvested and used at any time.  Fresh leaves pair well with mint for an easy, refreshing herbal tea.  For a large single harvest, pick in late summer or fall just as plants are stating to blossom.  If you wish to overwinter plants, leave at least 6 inches of plant intact to allow regrowth.  Most recipes call for dried stevia powder or liquid stevia extract so that the flavor spreads more uniformly through the substance being sweetened, but feel free to experiment with fresh leaves.
When harvesting, the leaves are much sweeter than the stem, so the stem is typically discarded.  Stevia is harvested and dried like most herbs.  You can cut off the desired stems from the plant and bundle them in small bundles (less than 1 inch in diameter) and hang dry, and strip the leaves after they have dried.  Alternatively, you can strip the leaves off the cut stems and dry them in a homemade or commercial dehydrator on low heat.  Dried leaves will keep well for several years stored in a tightly sealed glass jar, and can be ground in batches as needed for recipes.  3-4 teaspoons of dried green stevia replaces one cup of refined sugar for sweetening, but you will need to experiment or find a good stevia recipe book, because substituting stevia will change the texture and baking properties of food.

How to Make Stevia Extract at Home

Making homemade stevia extract is actually pretty easy, once you have the stevia.  You can use fresh or dried stevia, although I’ve read that extract from the dried leaves tends to be more bitter.   I made an alcohol based extract with fresh leaves and it turned out quite well.
집에서 스테비아 추출물 만드는 방법
당신은 스테비아 한 번 만든 스테비아 추출물 만드는 것은 실제로 매우 간단합니다.  말린 잎에서 추출한 것이  경향이 있는데, 신선한 잎 또는 건조한 스테비아를 사용할 수 있습니다. 나는 신선한 잎에서 알코올 성분의 추출물을 만들어 그것을 아주 잘쓰고 있다. 

Homemade Alcohol Based Stevia Extract

Here’s a bundle of leaves harvested from my stevia last fall.
집에서 만든 알코올 기반 스테비아 추출물
여기에 지난 가을 스테비아에서 수확 한 입니다.

stevia for stevia extract
If you look closely, you can see that the leaves and stems are somewhat fuzzy.

만약 당신이 자세히 보면, 잎과 줄기 약간 솜털이 보송보송 한 것을 볼 수 있습니다.

stevia leaf
Start with clean stevia leaves, either fresh or dried.  I rinsed my leaves off and gave them a spin in the salad spinner.  Chop (or break up) the leaves (you don’t want powder because it’s very messy).  Place the leaf bits in a glass jar, and then pour in enough edible alcohol to cover.  (Do not use rubbing alcohol.)  I used vodka because it has the most neutral flavor.  Label and put in a cool spot out of direct sunlight for two days, shaking or mixing gently a few times per day.  (I put mine in my pantry.  Note:  The liquid level in the photo looks low because I am tilting the jar for the photo.  The leaves should be submerged.)

신선잎 또는 건조으로  하거나, 깨끗한 스테비아 잎으로 시작합니다.  잎을 세척하고 그들에게 샐러드 스피너에 넣어 돌립니다.

 잘라 (부러떠려) (매우 지저분한 때문에 분말 원하지 않는). 유리 항아리 잎들을 놓은 다음  충분한 식용 알코올을 붓는다. (소독 용 알코올을 사용하지 마십시오.)

가장 중립적 인 을 가지고 있기 때문에 나는 보드카를 사용했다. 라벨과 이틀 동안은 직사광선이 비치지 않는 서늘한 장소에두고, 하루에 몇 번 흔들거나 부드럽게 혼합. ( 식료품 저장실에서 광산 넣어 주 :. 나는 사진 항아리 기울 있기 때문에 사진에있는 액체 레벨이 낮은 보이는 잎은 물속에 잠긴해야합니다.).

homemade stevia extract
Don’t let it sit longer to try and get a stronger flavor.  It will get more bitter.  Don’t include stems so you have more material.  They don’t contain much glycoside, which is what makes the stevia sweet.
After two days, strain your now pale leaves through a coffee filter, cheesecloth, flour sack towel or other fine material.  I used my jelly strainer bag in the bottom of my regular strainer.

그것은 시도하고 더 강력한 맛을 얻기 위해 오랫동안 방치하지 마십시오. 그것은  쓴맛을 가져옵니다.더 많이 얻기위해 줄기를 포함하지 마십시오 . 그들은 스테비아의 달콤함인 많은 배당체가 포함되어 있지 않습니다.
이틀 후, 커피 필터, 치즈 크로스, 밀가루 부대 수건등으로 짜주세요 .희미한 주식. 정기적 인 스트레이너 바닥에 젤리 스트레이너 가방 사용하고있었습니다.

stevia leaves in strainer
Take the stevia liquid and cook it over low heat – do not boil, or you will ruin it – it will burn and taste nasty.

스테비아 액을 가지고 약한 불로 조리 - 비등하지 않게,끓이지 마세요, 끓이면 그것을 파괴하는 - 그것이 연소하거나 싫은 맛이납니다.

stevia liquid
Simmer gently for 20 to 30 minutes to drive off some of the alcohol and concentrate the extract.  It will get darker and a bit thicker and some particulates may precipitate out.

알코올 일부를 해제 구동하고 추출물 농축하고 20 ~ 30 분간 부드럽게 익힌다. 그것은 어둡고 약간 두꺼운 가져 몇 가지 입자가 침전하는 일이 있습니다.

concentrated stevia extract
Strain through a filter into an opaque bottle (I recycled a vanilla extract bottle).  Tincture bottles are great if you have them on hand, as it only takes a few drops of extract to sweeten a drink or recipe.


불투명 한 필터 통해 주식 (나는 바닐라 에센스 재활용). 그냥 음료와 요리법을 달게하는 추출물 몇 방울을 취하게하고, 다른 한편으로 그들을 가지고 있다면, 팅크 훌륭합니다.
stevia extract in jar
Cover, label and date.  This extract will keep for around three months in the refrigerator.  I found this extract to be quite sweet with very little bitterness.  Given that the tiny bottles of stevia extract generally sell for at least $10 each, you can see how this would save you a lot of money over time if you use a lot of stevia.

커버, 레이블, 날짜. 추출물은 냉장고 3 개월 동안 유지됩니다. 나는 추출물이 매우 적은 괴로움 아주 좋은 것으로 판명. 스테비아 추출물 작은 병 일반적으로 적어도 10 달러마다 판매하는 것을 생각하면, 당신은 스테비아를 많이 사용하는 경우, 이것은 시간이 지남에 당신에게 많은 을 절약하는 방법 알 수 있습니다.

homemade stevia extract

Homemade Water Based Stevia Extract

Adapted from “Growing and Using Stevia
  • 1/2 cup dried stevia leaves, tightly packed
  • 1 cup water
Bring water to a simmer in a small saucepan.  Do not boil.  you should see small bubbles only.  Stir in dried stevia leaves and remove from heat.  Cover and let steep for 40 minutes.  Strain out leaves.  Pour into a clean glass jar, cover and store in refrigerator for up to two weeks.  Yields approximately 1/2 cup extract.
Mountain Rose Herbs stocks both stevia seeds for planting and dried stevia leaves.  They also carry an assortment of bottles, droppers and supplies.  Plus, if you buy through my site, I get a small affiliate payment.  (Thank you!)
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물 한 컵
작은 냄비에 요리 물을 가져온다. 비등하지 않도록하십시오. 당신은 작은 기포 만 표시되는 것입니다. 건조한 스테비아 에서 교반하고 열에서 제거합니다. 커버하고 40 분 동안 짧게하자. 주식. 2 까지 깨끗한 유리 병 덮개, 냉장고 보관 해 붓는다. 1 / 2 추출물을 얻을 수 있습니다.
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